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Prepare to hear the name of Beryl-Home in the furniture industry. We come to open the doors of a world full of innovations in the field of Home and Office Furniture with the way we work to put our customers in front of everything. Established in 2017, Beryl-Home is always with its customers to provide individual and corporate solutions with its professional and young staff.
BRN Sleep Products is one of the world’s premier suppliers of mattresses, covers, boxsprings and adjustable beds. We are pledged to be a symbol of Trust, Continuity and Esteem for all our customers, dealers and suppliers. Instead of focusing on competitors, we have been listening to our customers and build loyalty by serving significant and innovative solutions. We are specialist in diffrent kind of ranges as ROYAL COIL natural luxury handmade mattresses, ORTHO high quality bonnell spring mattresses, ERGO long durable pocket spring mattresses, STYLE unique design mattresses and all kind of sleep products. We have built our reputation based on understanding needs of partners, whether they are serving to high or bottom end market and responding effectively. We find solutions for storage capacity with our ROLL packaging. In addition to our current range of products, we serve our unique “Private Label Bedding Programme” for distributors and retailers who recognize the need to maintain protective exclusivity. We devote our passion and serve to realize your profit potential in both branded and private label collections. You can be sure that we are your comprehensive business partner. The new investment, supported by EBRD, enables us to expand our manufacturing services and thereby offer existing and potential clients faster turnaround times and even greater flexibility. EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) a leading inverster operating in global growth markets, today announced the acquisition, through its Fund of a stake in BRN a leading Turkish mattress and sleep products manufacturer, exporter and retailer.
We manufacture and supply furniture, home furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, kids room furniture, youth room furniture, baby room furniture, chair, table, dining table, dining chair...
As Kyu Trans we supply and export foods, beverages, machineries, machines, machinery spare parts, machine spare parts, defense industry supplies, agricultural equipments, agricultural equipment spare parts, natural stones, natural stone products, woods, wood products, forestry products, forest products, textile products, hazelnuts, hazelnut products, cereals, pulses, dried fruits, dried fruit products, aquaculture products, animal products, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fruits, vegetables, food, beverage, machinery, machine, machinery spare part, machine spare part, defense industry supply, agricultural equipment, agricultural equipment spare part, natural stone, natural stone product, wood, wood product, forestry product, forest product, textile product, hazelnut, hazelnut product, cereal, pulse, dried fruit, dried fruit product, aquaculture product, animal product, fresh fruit, fresh vegetable, fruit, vegetable, customs services, procurements, warehousings, warehousing solutions, safety glasses, road transports, sea transports, air transports, railroad transports, customs service, procurement, warehousing, warehousing solution, safety glass... In today's business world, where the competition becomes instructive, the quality becomes the precondition and the customer becomes essential; the determinative factor is "individualistic quality", "team quality" and "management quality". As a result of this comprehension, the only element of competition which can not be imitated is the personnel who have got the knowledge and abilities which are peculiar to the corporation. In this context,Q-TRANS, with its structure which is conscious of the difficulties that can be met in the service sector, aims to accommodate itself to the changing conditions of the market which completed its development in the sector by not making concessions from its qualified service principles and takes the customer satisfaction to the foreground and provides services with its young, dynamic and experienced personnel. With the aim of being the best in the sector it has been working in, with its boundless pursuits and its structure which creates new solutions, Q-TRANS has got the mission of providing the quality which fits the European standards for its customers with reasonable prices by completing all of the legal obligations which are set by the laws and by expanding the limits of the responsibility which is assigned to it by its customers. Q-TRANSis always the most reliable address for your all kinds of exportation, importation, customs clearance and transportation processes with its commitment to the ethical values and principles and with its settled infrastructure.
As LUNA INNOVATION INTERNATIONAL TRADE CONSULTANCY EXPORT&IMPORT COMPANY we are dealing with all kinds of your requests including furnitures,mattresses,household electrical appliances(cookers,ovens,hobs,etc),building construction materials including wooden and steel doors.We can supply all your needs about those materials.
Founded in 1946, Secme Mobilya has been operating in the field of furniture and decoration for 73 years. Combining quality and comfort with a wide range of products with the power of design, it is a guide for everyone who wants to continue their life with a style that is confident and stylish in every environment. In this sense, Secme Mobilya offers a new lifestyle by creating original spaces with its ergonomic designs. Secme Mobilya provides interior design services with its experienced design team and makes custom designs and applications in projects. These experienced architects can understand the needs of the market by using different wood, metal, glass and fabric materials in all of our interior designs, create new collections and create original spaces by developing new products in line with the needs of customers not only in home furniture, but also in all kinds of habitable places.
Akabe Furniture Accessory Company started their business as a timber trader in 1989 with a couple of employees in Antakya-Hatay. In 1993, accessories and furniture production has been started which is continuing today as well. Today, with registered trademark as AKABESAN AKSESUAR, our company produces more than 50 different model of furniture accessorizes.Products of the company are; nesting tables, coffee tables, middle tables, telephone desks and hangers. We have a leading role in the furniture accessorize market withour experience, quality, dignity, work-ariented team and production capacity. Also, AKABE sets value on customer satisfaction and demand. AKABE ACCESSORY follows latest technologies for the production and engaged in appropriate production in accordance with international standarts. With 7.500 m2 indoor space, 120 employees and total quality management principles, our company gives services to our customers. We have ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate. Also formed within its structure that is being established and new furniture, paint shop log processing plant operates with the requirements of an integrated configuration. We have 100.000 set production capacity in a year. Our company has been deemed worthy of a “ Exportes of Cultural Products Award ” in 2009. Our company has 15 branches in turkey and exports products to 24 countries from all over the world. These countries are: Saudi arabia, Sudan, Iraq, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Ghana, France, Romania, Lbanon, Palestine, Austria, Turkmenistan, Libya, Iran, Algeria, Dubai, Bahrain, America, Kosovo, England, Germany and India. We would like to have you in our place of production and showroom, and meet with you for future business co-operations.
The family of Ugur Interior Architecture was founded with the dream of the thoughts interspersed with seeds at a young age. This step was combined with the training received in the vocational discipli